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Metropolis Security celebrates annual Christmas party


The Metropolis Security team, including members of our training arm, Metropolis Training Academy, got together on Dec 20 for the annual, year-end, Christmas party. Taking into account the rising cases of Covid, this year’s party was held virtually via a Zoom meeting.

Director’s Message

Hi all, 

I am glad you guys can join us in this year-end Christmas party via Zoom.

Everyone will love to be able to mingle rather than over zoom, but everyone will understand that it is good to be safe so that our family members can be safe.

Nonetheless, we shall mingle as much as we can when it is safer to do so and especially during our company lunch event.

First of all, I would like to welcome the associate trainers who are also joining us for the first time in this Christmas celebration. They have been of great help to MTA and have helped MTA grow in stature and respect in the training arena. I am sure we will have a stronger partnership in the years to come.

Secondly, I would like to say something that the whole industry is buzzing about. The PWM and how it will affect us. Come First of January, the security officers shall be out of Part IV as their wages would have surpassed $2600. What does this mean? There will not be any overtime pay for them. Their employment contract and the working hours shall be predetermined between the security officers and us for a wage of at least $2650. However, the maximum limit for working hours shall not exceed an extra time of 72 hours per month. Extra time is what is coined to replace the overtime hours as it does not apply to those with wages of more than $2600. Instead of MOM, the Police shall be the watchdog to ensure that the 72 hours extra time is not breached. 

Another issue is the computation of overtime hours. I shall not bore you with the details but hope to excite you into thinking how it will affect our rostering and deployment for the new era. The different department heads shall brief their teams further on this.

Thirdly, as you can see, we are becoming more compact in terms of the strength of the management staff. Some of you are also wearing more hats. This is important as we contain costs and invest in skills and work for technologies that can make our security operations more productive by introducing higher tech systems to complement the security officers. In addition, some departments shall see more transformation than others. One good example is the Command Centre.

Fourthly, many industry associates have always complimented us for doing very well and Metropolis is a highly regarded brand in the industry. I sincerely believe we have the right team and we are on the right track. The industry awards and accolades are good indicators. Another good indicator is that former clients re-inviting us for tenders.

Having said these good things, I hope everyone will continue to stay vigilant, continue to think out of the box for digital transformation and continue to improve productivity. As we are managing men, complacency is a cyclical virus that will attack us regularly if we do not stay on top of the game.

I have hope to gain more traction with the current leaner team to conquer greater heights and achieve more in the New Year.

Last but not least, I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas++ and a Happy New Year.

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