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Personal Data Protection Policy


This Personal Data Protection Policy (“Policy”) sets out the ways in which the ways in which Metropolis Security Systems Pte Ltd (“Metropolis”) collects, uses, discloses and retains personal information in order to carry out our activities and operations; and the measures we take to protect your personal information. The policy is designed to meet the requirements of Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012)(“PDPA”).

Application of Policy

When you become an employee of Metropolis, you agree to the terms of this Policy as updated from time to time. This Policy applies to all employees, clients, vendors and content providers. From time to time, Metropolis will update this Policy to ensure that this Policy is consistent with any changes in legal requirements. You are encouraged to periodically view this Policy to be informed of how Metropolis is protecting your information.

Types of Personal Information Collected

Our Policy applies to personal information that Metropolis collects, uses and discloses in order to carry out Metropolis’s activities and operations. Personal information is any information that can identify an individual or information about an identifiable individual, such as an individual’s home address, telephone number or an employee’s ID number. When an individual enters into an employment contract with Metropolis, we collect identifying information such as (but not limited to):

(i) administering and maintaining personnel records;

(ii) paying and reviewing salary and other remuneration and benefits;

(iii) providing and administering benefits (including any applicable insurance);

(iv) undertaking performance appraisals and reviews;

(v) maintaining records for sickness, holiday and other absence, including maternity, childcare or infant care leave;

(vi) making decisions about your fitness for work;

(vii) providing references and information to future clients and public agencies;

(viii) providing information to current clients or any of their respective businesses;

(ix) maintaining medical, including information about your physical and mental health or condition;

(x) disciplinary and grievance matters;

(xi) recruitment activities;

(xii) opening, maintaining and operating bank accounts and the carrying out of treasury operations;

(xiii) facilitating the making and payment of claims and/or reimbursements, including payments by cheque, bank transfers or other means;

(xiv) carrying out billing, accounting, auditing and the maintenance of proper book-keeping to explain the Company’s operations and business;

(xv) tax filing purposes; and

(xvi) the preparation of financial reports and disclosure of the relevant books, documents, records and information (in hard or soft copy) to the auditors, where necessary.

How We Collect Your Personal Information

Much of the personal information we collect comes from you, such as when you apply for job applications, register for Metropolis’s training or purchase goods and services from Metropolis. We collect personal information, unless such is prohibited by legislation, when you contact us, register with us or when you require our services.

Security of Your Personal Information

Metropolis secures your personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Metropolis secures the personally identifiable information you provide on computer servers in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorised access, use of disclosure. Metropolis will not share your personal information with third parties without your permission other than those listed in para (vii), except if required by law or court to do so.

Withdrawing Consent

The collection and handling of certain personal information is necessary to maintain your employment and/or for processing transactions. You may, however, opt out of the collection and/or handling of your personal information for other purposes – including opt out of receiving marketing and recruitment promotional material from Metropolis. You can do so at any time by contacting us at (65) 6748-4233.
Metropolis may however choose not to provide you with access to or correct such information, in accordance with the exceptions under the PDPA. This would include cases where:

(i) The Company is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the correction should not be made;

(ii) The request for access is frivolous or vexatious or the information requested is trivial;

(iii) The personal data is related to a prosecution and all the proceedings related to the prosecution have not been completed;

(iv) The personal data, if disclosed, would reveal confidential commercial information that could, in the opinion of a reasonable person, harm the competitive position of the organization; and

(V) The personal data was collected, used or disclosed for the purposes of an investigation and associated proceedings and appeals have not been completed.

Access, Accuracy and Correction of Your Personal Information

We rely on you to ensure that your profile and contact information is accurate. Please let us know of any changes to your personal information. You may update the accuracy or completeness of such information, and request that corrections be made to it. Please send all your enquires, requests and notifications to

Contact Information

If you have any questions or feedback relating to your Personal Data or our Data Protection Policy, please contact us at:

Email Address:
Write in: Data Protection Officer
20 Sin Ming Lane #07-52/53 Midview City Singapore 573968

Date of Publication: 01 June 2021