Rostering and Deployment is a common struggle faced by manpower dependent industries. A system to be able to roster duty/ deployment of manpower is one that saves time and enhance efficiency.


Close the gap

Our eROSTER platform effectively and efficiently ease your manpower rostering and deployment process. Streamlining the management of manpower and reducing potential human errors.

Target audience

eROSTER platform is ideal for manpower rostering and deployment across multiple sites with regular shifts daily.

Cost Savings

Cost can be reduced with the adoption of eROSTER making rostering and deployment much efficient and less time consuming.

Easy to use

A simple eROSTER platform that gives businesses the information they need in order to  complete rostering and deployment on time.


Only product specifically dedicated to manpower rostering and deployment.

First To Market

One of the few available rostering and deployment platforms designed for Singapore context.


Tested and proven platform used by leading security agency in Singapore.


Developed fully in-house with end-users in mind.

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